We are proud of our commitment to resident and faculty wellness. We value our residents as people.

We want residents to maintain their humanity throughout their residency training and to develop healthy work habits and coping skills that will last throughout their professional lives. To this end, we have a robust wellness program that includes:

  • Resident leadership training
  • Annual team building retreat in the mountains
  • Free on-site gym membership (open 24 hours)
  • Concierge services
    • Free lab coat cleaning
    • Drop off dry cleaning
    • Valet service for vehicle maintenance (oil changes, etc.)
  • Physician financial wellness education
  • Social committee: a select group of residents who are committed to fun. They plan regular happy hours, social events and organize teams for annual sports leagues.
  • Free food: lunch with noon conference every day as well as breakfast and snacks in the doctor's dining room.
  • Behavioral health faculty available for resident support and well-being
    • Matt Davis is our behavioral health educator and clinic psychologist. Matt is always available to talk with residents about concerns or difficulties they are facing, whether they be residency-related or not. He also meets monthly with each resident class to facilitate a safe space for debriefing, voicing concerns and sharing stories. Additionally, he plans various events such as our annual overnight retreat in the mountains and the wilderness medicine day each year.
  • Resident buddy program and switch nights
    • Buddy "families" consist of one resident from each class who serve as a support system for each other. The upper level residents in the families serve as mentors to the intern and are always available to answer questions, provide support during tough times in residency or just grab dinner and a drink when you need a break!
    • Switch nights: The week before starting a new rotation, the entire intern class meets for dinner, drinks, socializing and to discuss the rotations. Each intern will share information, tips and tricks with the next intern to start the rotation he/she just completed.