About Intermountain EAP

Employee Assistance Program

The Intermountain Employee Assistance Program is an employer benefit designed to support employees with personal or work-related stressors. Companies subscribe to Intermountain’s employee assistance program to provide support resources for their employees and their family members for any number of issues they might be experiencing. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this service, free to employees, and get the help you need!

April Highlight

Legal and Financial

Having support while navigating unexpected or difficult life circumstances is crucial to every person’s mental wellbeing. It has been found that individuals experiencing high financial worries have more pronounced psychological distress (Ryu & Fan, 2023) and often, those going through legal processes feel mentally fatigued by complicated and drawn-out proceedings. It is important that individuals experiencing these situations are provided with support in order to maintain their quality of life.

If you are needing financial or legal guidance to help plan your next steps, or support you during a difficult time, Intermountain EAP has the following resources to get you started.

Here are some examples of IEAP’s Legal and Financial services:

  • Financial: Bankruptcy Counseling, Budgeting, First Time Home Buying, Retirement, Identity Theft
  • Legal: Adoption, Bankruptcy, Criminal Issues, Divorce/Custody, Estate Planning

Click here to learn more about these programs. For free, confidential counseling services, call 1-800-832-7733 M – F 8 am to 5 pm MST to schedule an appointment. In addition, our urgent call counselors will answer 24/7/365 for in-moment support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are counseling services?

Free, brief, confidential counseling is available to employees, spouses or domestic partners, and dependent children (ages 6 - 26) by a staff of licensed mental health professionals.