Pennies by the Inch

Pennies by the Inch is the oldest grassroots fundraiser in the nation benefiting Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital. Pennies by the Inch began as a program that encouraged kids to give to kids, collecting and donating pennies for every inch they were old on their birthday.

Today, the Pennies by the Inch campaign has expanded. Community groups, businesses, schools, congregations, and individuals can start their own personal fundraisers, collect donations door-to-door, host lemonade stands, auctions, and engage in other creative ways to support the hospital.

All we raise supports the area of greatest need at Primary Children’s – supporting Child Life, Expressive Therapies, the School Zone, and other key programs that are philanthropy-funded.

How to Participate

You can participate in Pennies by the Inch year-round!

Become a Fundraiser

Fundraisers create an online page to collect donations. You can raise money by reaching out to your neighborhood, family, friends, or even with your school or business.

Donate Now

Give a one-time or recurring donation to benefit Primary Children’s Hospital.


Have questions or need guidance starting a fundraiser? Reach out to Madilyn Olsen at

Patient Champion

Meet Jacob

When he was three years old, Jacob’s parents started noticing some subtle yet strange symptoms: curvature in the spine, his teeth coming in very late, never needing to clip his toenails, and numbness in parts of his body.

After seeing two different doctors, they were referred to a specialist at Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital where Jacob was diagnosed with an unusual genetic disease MPS VI (Mucopolysaccharidosis Type VI). Only three weeks after his diagnosis, Jacob had surgery to keep his vertebrae from pinching his spinal cord and cutting off the spinal fluid. This was the first of ten surgeries Jacob has had to date, with more to come.

Jacob’s rare diagnosis requires him to sit for weekly infusion treatments at Primary Children’s, and each infusion takes seven hours. So far, Jacob has had over 570 treatments, and he will continue to have weekly treatments for the rest of his life. Because MPS VI affects many different parts of Jacob’s body, his treatment takes many different doctors – he has a geneticist, neurosurgeon, orthodontal surgeon, and comprehensive doctor. Child Life Specialists also provide additional games and activities to make his frequent and long hospital visits feel less like a chore.

With the help of his infusion treatments and his team of doctors, Jacob is still pursuing his passions and living an active life. In 2021, Jacob was the 2021 Utah PGA Jr. Player of the Year for his division. In 2022 he took first place in two of three races on the NICA mountain bike team.

Jacob says his personal philosophy is “Take Away the T” from “can’t.” Instead of focusing on not being able to play football, for example, he focuses on what he can do – like playing golf, mountain biking, and skiing. He hopes his story can inspire others to “Take Away the T” and pursue what makes them happy.

Thanks to your generosity and support, kids like Jacob have access to the programs and care they need to live the healthiest lives possible.

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