Healthy Hearts, Enjoying Life

Healthy hearts lead to happy, productive lives. Get inspired by these stories of heart health and getting back to what's really important.

Giving Life A Kickstart

After hearing she has 2-3 weeks to live, Kimberley Denny receives a heart transplant and runs a 5k four months later.

A Little More Time

Kerry Oman gets a second chance to pursue his photography passion, finding extra time to watch the sun come up and hug his kids again.

Taking Care Of Myself

Stein Ingebrigtsen gets back on the slopes after an aortic valve replacement, allowing him to share his passions with his family so they can enjoy life together.

They Make Me Feel Safe

Jessica Ballif was born with a hole in her heart, but that doesn't stop her from tumbling and dancing. She has big dreams of going to college and becoming a cardiologist.

Don't Wait

John Babcock gets back to skiing and fishing after a bout with heart disease. He says stop delaying and go see your heart care specialist.

Live To Run

Avid runner Danny Boyer gets up and running after cardiac arrest, dedicating his running to promoting health.

Enjoy Life

Dave Spealler survived a heart attack and is now back in the gym, working out, doing the things he loves. He encourages, "Enjoy Life. It's a pure gift."

Peace In Experience

Arther Van Wagenen survives open heart surgery and gets back to playing soccer, skiing, and enjoying his kids, just like he always has.

How Fragile Life Can Be

Ken Bushman reflects on just how fragile life can be as he shares his experience with two heart attacks.

I Knew I Was Taken Care Of

Amanda Rutledge finds peace after heart surgery, finding newfound energy to play with her kids, hike, and master her yoga practice.

I Knew I Would Get Better

Liz Lupinacci gets back to being a mom, a business owner, and a hair dresser extraordinaire after recovering from a hole in her heart.

I Wasn't Ready To Have A Heart Attack

Rod Oldroyd shares his heart attack experience, encouraging everyone to take heart attack symptoms seriously and go to the hospital immediately.

Life Is Meant To Be Lived

Dennis Morganson gets back to playing the piano after undergoing bypass surgery, encouraging everyone to live a heart-healthy life.

Live Life To The Fullest

Four open heart surgeries and three pacemakers later, Mckenzie Morgan is living life to the fullest with big dreams of being a pediatric assistant and a mother.

More Experience, Better Results

We treat more heart patients than anyone else in Utah. That experience means better results.

Proven Technology For Healing

At Intermountain Healthcare, we use proven technology that is more likely to deliver more health and healing.

Every Day Is A Gift

We treat more heart patients than anyone else in Utah, getting them back to the things they love so they can enjoy life.

That's What They Do

Our skilled caregivers use proven technology to save lives.

What A Miracle

Ken Gardner battles heart failure and cancer, finding himself with a donor heart and a newfound perspective on life. He swims, he stays active, and he feels stronger than ever.

Cycling For Healthy Hearts

Craig Bruner tells his story, offering advice on lifelong heart health, no matter how young or old you may be.