Not just a new look.A new perspective.

A past in pioneering healthcare, a future in preventative healthcare.

For Generations

We’ve diagnosed, treated, and cared for our neighbors when they needed it most. The caregivers who came before us established places of healing that are still a haven during the hardest—and happiest—of life’s moments. The best way we know to honor that history of devotion is to continue looking after every member of our community.


The Sisters of Charity Leavenworth open their first hospital


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints open LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City


Dr. Joseph Saltzer starts what will become Saltzer Health in southwest Idaho


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gift 15 hospitals to the community, establishing Intermountain Healthcare as a nonprofit health system


HealthCare Partners Nevada is founded

2019 – 2022

All four organizations unite as one Intermountain, helping more people live the healthiest lives possible.


We continue this legacy every day as 60,000 caregivers across seven western states. And we’re evolving into so much more!

We stand for healthcare and beyond. We are a partner in overall health. As patients’ and communities’ needs change, we’re evolving with them to be more accessible, to reduce the cost of healthcare, and to constantly deliver better experiences for and with people.

Our look has changed —our mission never will.

Our Mission

Helping people live
the healthiest lives possible®

guides everything we do at
Intermountain Health


We'll focus on possiblities over impossibilities any day.

Sammi learned that she is genetically predisposed to multiple cancers after working with Intermountain Health to map her DNA. She was very emotional after learning this but then realized there are preventive things she can do with her care team to keep her safe.

Helping people get informed about their health is making a positive impact. People like Sammi can make important decisions about their health. To plan for a future and not be blindsided by an unexpected diagnosis.

Knowledge is power and having health partners are key. Now, with regular testing and screenings, Sammi is living her healthiest life.

This is just one example how a focus on overall health can turn around one’s outlook in a powerful way, as we transform the industry for the sake of healthier tomorrows.

Your life changes every day. We’re transforming with you.

Just like people change gradually, so will we. Our rebrand begins with the smaller things, like social media profiles. Then we take a bigger leap forward with the launch of an entire new website to improve the consumer experience within the new brand.

Everywhere you look, signs, posters, and other materials appear in hospitals, clinics, and beyond. From Colorado, Montana, and Northern Utah’s transition in 2023 to Southern Utah and Nevada’s in 2024, we’ll walk side by side to evolve with the people we serve.

Partner in
your health

We’ve refocused our mindset around health to extend beyond traditional healthcare to health and wellbeing. We’ll empower and enable you along your health journey. We’ll bring respected expertise and personalized care. We’ll partner with you when you need it most. We’ll make health simpler and clearer.

Not just a new look.

A new perspective.