At Bear River Valley Hospital our greatest concern is treating patients. Our ER doctors and nurses see an average of 15-30 emergency room patients per day. We also have around ten outpatient visits a day. It is our commitment to treat each of our patients with respect and care. Whether a patient comes in with a sore throat or chest pains, we can help with their emergency healthcare. Our emergency department staff is equipped and prepared to handle any patient situation that may present.


Emergency Services

We offer a full spectrum of emergency services at Bear River Hospital.


Level 4 Trauma Center

Our trauma center is able to provide care to all kinds of trauma and emergency patients.


Designated Stroke Receiving Facility

As a designated stroke receiving facility we work in conjunction with EMS (Emergency Medical Services), ambulances, and stroke treatment centers.


Emergency Room Staff

At Bear River Valley Hospital our patients can get high quality emergency healthcare at any time of the day, every day of the week.


Emergency Room Triage

The average amount of time patients can expect to wait in our emergency room is four to eight minutes.