Fillmore Community Hospital is home to a LiVe Well Garden, a community garden to help individuals and families plant and grow healthy, sustainable foods.

The Purpose of the Garden

  • Model good health to the community and our patients
  • Provide easy access to fresh vegetables
  • Allow opportunities for physical activity
  • Offer gardening education

Garden Details

Currently, the 33-raised-bed garden sits on 0.22 acres on the north side of the Fillmore Community Hospital campus. There are six 8' x 8' planter boxes, and twenty-seven 8' x 4' planter boxes. Each planter box is equipped with a solar powered, automated soaker system for irrigation. Each gardener will be able to go on vacation and know their plants will be getting the water they need.

  • The garden is fully enclosed within a beautiful wrought iron fence. Only gardeners who are chosen to have a plot will be given the code to access the space.
  • Gardeners will have access to a small storage shed within the fenced area where they can store tools for working their plots.
  • The hospital has installed an outdoor sink in the garden for washing of vegetables and dirty hands.
  • The garden offers benches and a shade tree so you can sit and visit with fellow gardeners and soak in the beauty of your work.
  • The beds are each constructed of 6' x 6' cedar and will be rot-free and sturdy. These substantial beds will offer a place to sit while you harvest and remove weeds.

A Community Affair

While this garden may be on the grounds of Fillmore Community Hospital, it's truly a community affair. From the garden plots available for community members to maintain for personal use, to volunteer opportunities, this is a community garden.