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St. Mary's Medical Center

Medical services




Transfer center


  • bariatric surgery
  • general surgery
  • oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • orthopedic surgery
  • plastic surgery
  • spine surgery

Skilled specialists for Western Colorado

At St. Mary’s Medical Center, you have access to some of the most skilled surgeons and the latest technology available in western Colorado and eastern Utah, whether your surgery is common or complex. This means that for most surgeries you can get the care you need without traveling hundreds of miles to a major city such as Denver or Salt Lake City. We provide robotic-assisted surgery, weight loss surgery, and the only complete heart surgery program in western Colorado.

Our brain and spine surgeons ( 15 )

Sara B. Winsor
Sara B. B Winsor, NP


Available in 9 days.
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Our heart surgeons ( 10 )

Tej M. Singh
Tej M. Mohan Singh, MD

Vascular Surgery

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Our orthopedic surgeons ( 23 )

Beth A. Price
Beth A. Ann Price, NP

Orthopedic Surgery

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Our general surgeons ( 42 )

Eric J. Hanly
Eric J. Josef Hanly, MD

Bariatric Surgery

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Our plastic surgeons ( 6 )

Jeffrey M. Pitcher
Jeffrey M. Marc Pitcher, MD

Plastic Surgery

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