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Intermountain Medical Center

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Intermountain Health

About Intermountain Medical Center

Intermountain Medical Center is committed to serving the medical needs of Salt Lake County residents in Murray, Utah.

What sets us apart

Typical high-end hospitals across the country were designed as “big boxes,” packed with technology and resources. Intermountain Medical Center contains five interconnected centers of excellence, including women’s/newborn care, heart/lung care, emergency/trauma care, outpatient care, and cancer care.

At the center of all we do at the Medical Center is our intense focus on the patient. From the different advanced services provided, to the layout of our campus, and our use of the latest technologies, it’s all designed to create the best care and healing environment around. In short, it’s our goal to provide the absolute best patient experience.

Intermountain Cancer Center – Intermountain Medical Center successfully attained accreditation from the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) APEx - Accreditation Program for Excellence®. APEx provides external validation that a radiation oncology facility is delivering high-quality patient care. APEx is a voluntary, objective, and rigorous multi-step process during which a radiation oncology practice is evaluated using consensus-based standards. As part of that evaluation, we demonstrated our safety and quality processes and showed that we adhere to patient-centered care by promoting effective communication, coordinated treatments and strong patient engagement.

History and leadership

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Planning for Intermountain Medical Center began in 1997 to solve two challenges: Intermountain Healthcare's Cottonwood Hospital in Murray, UT, was aging and LDS Hospital, the company's flagship hospital at the time, was unable to expand. Between 1999 and 2002, Intermountain purchased 100 acres of land at 5300 South State Street in Murray, an ideal site because of its central location in the heart of the Salt Lake Valley, close to numerous local and national transportation options. After a 10-year planning and construction process, The Medical Center opened its doors on October 29, 2007.

  • Ralph Jean-Mary, Care Site President
  • David Simmons, Chief Operating Officer
  • Mike Hayes, RN, Chief Nursing Officer
  • Katie Thomas, MD, Chief Medical Officer
  • Lana McGill, MD, Chief Quality Officer
  • Justin Bradshaw, Operations Officer
  • Derek Ginos, Sr. Operations Director
  • Jen Baker, Sr. Operations Director
  • Sarah McVea, Sr. HR Director
  • Justin Fowles, Compliance Officer


Working at Intermountain Medical Center is an opportunity to work at one of the best hospitals and with some of the best and brightest clinicians in the country.

At the Medical Center we strive constantly to set The Standard for excellence in healthcare within the Intermountain Healthcare system and the health care industry. Recognized as one of the top 10 hospitals in the nation with clinical programs that also rank amongst the best in the industry, the Medical Center offers caregivers a fast-paced and rewarding clinical environment. Joining our team of 6,000+ caregivers at the Medical Center is a commitment to bring your best everyday as we provide the most clinically advanced and complex care in the Intermountain Healthcare system.

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Volunteers are a vital part of our team at Intermountain Medical Center. Clad in green jackets, vests or shirts, our volunteers can be found all over The Medical Center’s campus helping visitors and patients and supporting our various departments and caregivers as we all work together to deliver excellent patient care.

The work done by our dedicated volunteers amounts to thousands of hours each year and just as many lives impacted for the better. Volunteering at Intermountain Medical Center is a unique experience to be a part of one of the nation’s leading hospitals and healthcare systems. Join our team by volunteering at The Medical Center.

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