At the Janice Beesley Hartvigsen Breast Care Center we offer screening mammography, as well as comprehensive treatment for breast cancer and other breast-related conditions.

Team Care

During your clinic visits you'll have access to each of the following specialists:

  • Surgeon – A surgeon removes cancer through surgical intervention. Most surgeons who do breast surgery are general surgeons, with specialization in breast surgery. Many patients will see a surgeon as the first specialist following a breast cancer diagnosis.
  • Medical Oncologist – (Hematology/Oncology) Medical Oncologist are internists with training and experience in the treatment of cancer. They coordinate patient care from diagnosis through the course of the disease, assisting with pain and symptom management. When needed, they prescribe chemotherapy, hormone therapy and other anti-cancer drugs.
  • Radiation Oncologist – Radiation Oncologists provide radiation therapy treatment such as image guided radiation therapy. They develop and prescribe cancer treatment plans and monitor patient progress.
  • Genetics Counselor – Our counselor will review your family medical history and provide education regarding your personal risk for familial cancer.
  • Lymphedema Therapist – Our therapists evaluate and provide education about swelling caused by lymph system disruption.
  • Social Worker – Our social worker will assist with support and counseling, financial concersn, and help you gain access to community resources.
  • Dietitian- Our certified dietitians provide education about nutrition during cancer treatment.
  • Registered Nurse – The nurse will coordinate your care by helping make appointments, providing education and answering questions.
  • American Cancer Society Patient Navigator – Our American Cancer Society patient navigator connects patients with information, resources, services, and support during the cancer journey.

You don't need a physician referral to get an appointment at the breast care center, so please call us either for primary treatment planning or for a second opinion.​​​​



Mammography, offered in our Breast Care Center, is a specific type of low-dose, noninvasive X-ray used to examine breast tissue, commonly searching for breast tissue irregularities such as breast cancer.