Many people know that Logan InstaCare is here for your non-life threatening conditions and injuries. Our board certified providers are here for just about every slip and sniffle. A few common questions we get asked include:
  • Does InstaCare offer strep tests?
    • Yes! InstaCare has the capability to do rapid strep tests and cultures on-site. Patients will be seen by a provider, who must determine if a strep test is needed. We offer basic lab services like strep tests, but have the ability to draw samples for more thorough testing at Intermountain Healthcare's central lab.
  • Does InstaCare offer x-rays?
    • Yes - Logan InstaCare has x-ray capabilities. Your provider will determine if an x-ray is necessary upon evaluation, and we are able process those x-ray's on site. If your injury requires ultrasounds, CT, or MRI scans, you will be referred to another facility.
  • Does InstaCare refill prescriptions?
    • No. InstaCare providers will not refill medications. After being seen by an InstaCare provider, we encourage you to meet with your primary care provider for follow-up care and/or prescription refills.

Do you have a question that wasn't listed? Please feel free to call us at 435.713.2777. You can also get in line online before heading to the clinic at our InstaCare website.