Find ways to participate and volunteer in Festival of Trees by creating and donating handmade items for the Opening Night Silent Auction, serving as a host volunteer or an auction host, or providing entertainment. View the directory below to see all of the different ways you can participate in this year's event. 

Registration will open for all auction areas on July 2, 2018

Aisle of Nativities Thumbnail

Aisle of Nativities

The Aisle of Nativities is making its debut in the 2018 Festival of Trees. We look forward to your creativity in making your nativity stand out. Please do not include live plants, water ornaments, globes, or other water features in your nativity.

Aisle of Nativities Resources:


Kristy Hanni, Aisle of Nativities Chair
Phone: (801) 560-7091

Aisle of Wreaths-squared

Aisle of Wreaths

Wreaths must be artificial and new (never been used) with a minimum size of 24” in diameter. Wreaths are sold through silent auction on Opening Night. Decorated wreaths with retail value less than $125 will be sold in the Gift Boutique.  

Aisle of Wreaths Resources:


Leann Hansen, Aisle of Wreaths Chair
Phone: (801) 572-3738

Centerpieces and Collectibles-squared

Centerpieces and Collectibles

Beautiful centerpieces and collectibles with a current retail value of $75.00 or more are sold Opening Night through silent auction, and throughout Festival week at a fixed price. Centerpieces and collectibles with a retail value less than $75.00 will be sold in the Gift Boutique.

Centerpieces and Collectibles Resources:


Cathy Strunk, Centerpieces and Collectibles Chair
Phone: (801) 750-0355

Elf Emporium-squared

Elf Emporium

Elf Emporium features handmade gifts and games for children. Felt items filled with individually wrapped candy, as well as toys, and treats must be delivered to Elf Emporium at Mountain America Expo Center between November 28 and December 3, 2016. For delivery times and details, contact Keeli Taylor, Elf Emporium Chairwoman.

Elf Emporium Resources:

If you are interested in donating to the Elf Emporium, please contact Keeli Taylor..

Keeli Taylor, Elf Emporium Co-Chair
Polly Kirton, Elf Emporium Co-Chair
Phone: (801) 750-7745


Visitors to Festival of Trees enjoy a variety of tasteful entertainment featured in the lobby and on two performance stages in the exhibit hall. Registration is conducted entirely online during the month of July. Performers will be contacted in August with requirements and further information needed to finalize schedules.

Entertainment Resources:

**Update: We are no longer accepting applications for the South Stage. We are only accepting applications for the North Stage and the Lobby.


Karen Hansen, Entertainment Chair
Gift Boutique-squared

Gift Boutique

The Gift Boutique needs quality handmade items that sell throughout Festival week. Involve your family, friends, neighbors, and associates. When collecting to donate, please stress the importance of high quality items. To deliver gifts prior to November 18, call Jennifer Whitworth to locate a Board Member near you. Note: The Festival is always in need of large quilts.

Gift Boutique Resources:

If you are interested in donating to the gift boutique, please contact Jennifer Whitworth.

Jennifer Whitworth, Gift Boutique Chair
Gingerbread Village-squared

Gingerbread Village

Gingerbread creations are displayed at the Festival of Trees in Gingerbread Village. Displays must attach to a base size ranging from 15”x 15” to no larger than 30”x 30.” Height of the gingerbread must not be taller than 36.” Weight cannot be more than 50 pounds. Gingerbread creations are sold on Opening Night through silent auction.

Gingerbread Village Resources:


Kristy Hanni, Gingerbread Village Chair
Host Volunteer-squared

Hosting Volunteers

Hosts help make the Festival of Trees a success by protecting the beautiful trees, wreaths, centerpieces, quilts, and gingerbreads, as well as provide crowd control, and share the “Festival Spirit” with those who attend. Volunteer schedules are listed in the Hosting Guidelines link below.

Hosting Volunteers Resource:

Kelly Van Sickle, Hosting Volunteers Chair

Kids Korner

Kids Korner volunteers help children make crafts, paint fingernails, or man other booths with activities for children.

*Must be 16 years or older to volunteer.


Kaylene Mower, Kids Korner Chair
Phone: 801-541-8853

Large Trees-squared

Large Trees

Large Trees must be artificial and new (never been used). Trees must use a Festival of Trees approved tree stand. Display must fit within a 9 foot wide by 7 foot deep area. Large Trees are sold on Opening Night through silent auction. Decorators are required to attend the Decorator’s Workshop on Saturday, September 29, 2018 at the Primary Children’s Eccles Outpatient Building from 10 am until 12:30 pm.

Large Trees Resources:


Jennifer Ward, Large Trees Chair
Opening Night Auction Hosts-squared

Opening Night Auction Host

Thank you for your desire to help Primary Children’s Hospital by serving as an Opening Night Auction Host at the Festival of Trees. Opening Night is a semi-formal occasion when trees, gingerbread creations, quilts, wreaths, and playhouses are sold to the highest bidder through silent auction. Hosts facilitate the auction and ensure that the process is conducted in a welcoming, professional and fair manner.

Hosts must be at least 18 years old and must be trained prior to Opening Night. Information on training sessions are found in the Auction Host Information Packet link.

Opening Night Auction Host Resources:


Heidi Zarbock, Opening Night Auction Host Chair
Playhouse Plaza-squared

Playhouse Plaza

Playhouse Plaza features playhouses, gazebos, dollhouses, children’s furniture, backyard décor, and playground equipment. Items are sold through silent auction on Opening Night November 28, 2017 and throughout Festival week at a fixed price. All the money raised at this event helps children at Primary Children’s Hospital.

Playhouse Plaza Resources:


Jennifer John, Playhouse Plaza Chair
Quilt Block-squared

Quilt Block

Quilters share unique talents by designing, creating, and donating beautiful quilts. Quilts featured in Quilt Block are sold by silent auction and Cash and Carry on Opening Night. Quilts not sold on Opening Night will be available for purchase in the Gift Boutique. Sizes range from king, queen, twin, baby, and wall hangings – all in a variety of colors.

Quilt Block Resources:


Natalie Mayhew, Quilt Block Chair
Small Trees-squared

Small Trees

Small Trees (3 feet to 5 feet tall) must be artificial and new (never been used). Small Trees are placed on a floor space approximately 45 inches by 45 inches. Trees smaller than 3 feet will be on tables in a 36-inch wide diameter space. Small Trees are sold through silent auction on Opening Night.

Small Trees Resources:


Angie Smoot, Small Trees Chair
Sweet Shoppe-squared

Sweet Shoppe

Sweet Shoppe needs donations of fresh baked goods and candies to sell each day. Only items prepared in Board of Health approved kitchens can be accepted. For delivery times and details, contact Michelle Breck, Sweet Shoppe Chair. Everything donated helps children at Primary Children’s Hospital.

Sweet Shoppe Resources:

If you are interested in donating to the Sweet Shoppe, please contact Michelle Breck.

Michelle Breck, Sweet Shoppe Chair