The Pediatric Dentistry Clinic at Primary Children’s Hospital provides primary and specialty care for infants, children and adolescents from birth through 17 years, and children with special needs from birth through 21 years.

Special health care needs include any physical, developmental, mental, sensory, behavioral, cognitive, or emotional impairment or limiting condition that requires medical management, health care intervention, and/or use of specialized services or programs. The condition may be congenital, developmental, or acquired through disease, trauma, or environmental cause and may impose limitations in performing daily self-maintenance

Services include:

  • Preventive (examinations, cleanings, sealants, fluoride)
  • Restorative (fillings, crowns, extractions)
  • Nitrous oxide
  • Sedation (oral, IV, or general anesthesia)
  • Comprehensive dental care
  • Coordinated care with other hospital departments
  • Interceptive Orthodontics