Inpatient rehabilitation provides care for toddlers, children and adolescents who have experienced a significant change in function or cognitive status due to a traumatic event, acute medical condition, or complications from a chronic medical condition. Our program follows a multidisciplinary team approach focused on optimizing the ability of the patient to return to his or her daily life.

An individualized plan is created for each patient to address his or her unique needs. The plan is revised by the care team based on individual progress. Caregivers and patients are key members of the team, providing ongoing input and feedback. Therapy is goal directed, cost effective, and outcome oriented. 

What Sets Us Apart 

CARF Accreditation

Our program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) as a Pediatric Specialty Program. Achieving CARF accreditation demonstrates conformity to internationally-recognized standards for rehabilitation.

Multidisciplinary Care 

Our team consists of multidisciplinary pediatric health care professionals that collaborate to provide the best possible outcomes. Our team works closely with the medical team allowing therapies to start as soon as possible in the care cycle. 

Caregiver Involvement

You and your child are the most important part of our team. Your input is critical to developing goals and a treatment plan for your child. You will be vital in supporting your child as he or she regains independence and you will learn new skills to care for your child when you get back home.

Excellent Outcomes

Through collecting data and tracking outcomes, we are able to continually assess, analyze and improve our care. Not only are patients admitted to our program faster than the national average, but we discharge children home at a higher functional level compared to similar facilities and the national average. We get patients home faster - easing the burden on families. 


Conditions and Treatments

Learn about the conditions we treat and the types of therapy offered through inpatient rehabilitation. 


What to Expect

Learn more about what to expect during your child's inpatient rehabilitation stay.


Care Team

Our rehab team is made up of many people of varying specialties who will work intensively with your child. Learn more about the different team members and their role in your child's care. 



Primary Children's Hospital Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Program is committed to outcomes management and performance improvement. Learn more about our 2015 outcomes and download the full report.