Pediatric Specialists in Provo

Comprehensive Care

Each child is unique and each child’s health needs are unique as well. Comprehensive care differs from standard primary care in that the child that receives this level of care has more complicated needs than the average child. Our service focuses on holistic care of the patient and the patients care givers. Our goal is to increase the quality of life and to decrease the child’s suffering at the same time. This is achieved through comprehensive assessment, individualized care planning, coordinating and ongoing management.

Children with special health care needs will benefit from a team approach involving professionals who are familiar with caring for children with complex chronic medical conditions. The Comprehensive Care team has expertise in incorporating services both in and outside of the hospital/clinic setting, including taking advantage of appropriate community resources available. RN Care Coordinators assist each patient/caregiver in navigating appointments and follow up from the multiple specialists that may be involved in the patient’s care.

Our Services

  • Outpatient assessment, management, and care coordination services, at the request of and in collaboration with primary care providers.
  • Inpatient consultation for children with complex management and disposition issues, in collaboration with Primary Care Providers