Common Specialties

Specialties Offered at Utah Valley Hospital

Behavioral Health

We offer comprehensive mental health services for all stages of life.
Intermountain Dayspring Treatment and Recovery - Utah Valley
Utah Valley Hospital
Utah Valley Hospital Inpatient Psychiatry

Brain & Spine

We provide comprehensive brain, spine, and neurological care. We combine clinical excellence with research, education, and advocacy.
Utah Valley Clinic Stroke Center
Utah Valley Hospital Neuro Shock Trauma
Utah Valley Hospital Neuro Trauma Rehabilitation
Utah Valley Neurovascular Rehabilitation

Cancer Care

Intermountain Cancer Center provides expert cancer care close to home.
Intermountain Cancer Center - Utah Valley
Intermountain Lymphedema Clinic at Utah Valley Hospital
Utah Valley Hospital
Utah Valley Hospital Cancer Education Center
Utah Valley Hospital Cancer Research and Clinical Trials

Emergency Medicine & Trauma

We provide emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Utah Valley Hospital Emergency Department
Utah Valley Hospital Trauma Services

Hearing and Balance

Intermountain Healthcare provides comprehensive hearing and balance care for all ages. Our integrative team of audiologists and physical therapists are here to listen to your concerns and work with you to find solutions that fit your unique needs and lifestyle.
Utah Valley Hospital Speech Hearing Balance Center

Heart & Vascular

Intermountain Healtcare offers advanced technologies in Heart Care. Our caregivers combine expertise with genuine and thoughtful care to make sure you or your loved one can get the healing they need.
Utah Valley Hospital Cardiac Cath Lab
Utah Valley Hospital Cardiac Progressive Care Unit
Utah Valley Hospital Heart Services
Utah Valley Hospital Inpatient Cardiac Rehab
Utah Valley Hospital Outpatient Cardiac Rehab
Utah Valley Hospital Outpatient Cardiology

Hospice and Palliative Care

Intermountain Healthcare offers a variety of homecare and hospice services designed to keep you comfortable so you can live each day to the fullest. We’re committed to giving you relief from the symptoms, pain, and stress of your illness while also improving the quality of life for both you and your family.
Utah Valley Palliative Care Clinic


Our imaging services (sometimes called radiology) include imaging for your bones, organs, muscles, tendons, and everything else within your body. From injuries to diseases, our imaging team will help you get accurate diagnoses to begin treatment quickly or rule out possibilities to help you find the answer.
Utah Valley Hospital
Utah Valley Hospital Imaging

Infectious Diseases

Intermountain Healthcare’s infectious disease specialists provide care for all types of infectious diseases both common and rare. We emphasize a team-based approach through working with your primary care physician and you to create an individualized treatment plan.
Utah Valley Clinic Infectious Diseases

LiVe Well Center

Intermountain LiVe Well Centers are here to help you live the healthiest life possible. We focus on making healthy lifestyle choices, such as exercise and nutrition, to not only prevent disease but increase energy so you enjoy all that life has to offer.
Utah Valley Hospital LiVe Well Library
Utah Valley LiVe Well Center

Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

We provide surgical and non-surgical care for your bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. From sports injuries to foot pain to a total joint replacement, our team will help you understand your condition, choose the best treatment option, and recover fully.
Utah Valley Hospital Orthopedic Surgery
Utah Valley Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Rehabilitation Services

Intermountain Healthcare's Rehabilitation Services are dedicated to helping patients make a full recovery following surgery, pain, or injury. Our providers apply a team approach and advanced technology to ease rehabilitation and help you get back on your feet and back to your life.
Utah Valley Hospital Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

Respiratory Care

Respiratory care requires compassionate physicians, the latest medications, and advanced technology. Your Intermountain Healthcare respiratory care team works closely with you to create a plan of action with more options and advanced technology.
Utah Valley Hospital Pulmonary Rehab Services

Sleep Medicine

From sleep apnea to insomnia, disruptive night behaviors to daytime sleepiness and fatigue, the Intermountain Sleep Medicine provides exceptional care for all your sleep medicine needs.
Utah Valley Sleep Center

Surgical Specialties

Intermountain's world-renowned surgeons and surgical services teams are committed to helping you and your loved one feel healthier and happier. We understand that surgery is a significant decision, and our highly-trained physicians carefully consider each case to ensure that our patients receive only the procedures that they need to get well sooner and to stay well.
Utah Valley Hospital Surgical Services
Utah Valley Hospital Endoscopy

Women's Health

No two women are exactly the same. Each is unique. And each deserves the kind of individual care and attention received at Intermountain Healthcare. Here, we care for women’s needs through all stages of life from childbirth to menopause and beyond, and we do it with the individual woman in mind.
Utah Valley Hospital Labor Delivery
Utah Valley Hospital Mother/Baby Unit

Wound Care

Intermountain Healthcare’s effective treatment methods can speed up the wound healing process and greatly decrease the risk of infection and complications.
Utah Valley Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Center

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