Common Work-Related Stressors

Some of us spend a lot of time working, but our jobs can have an impact on our mental well-being. When your work environment becomes too much it can lead to mental distress or other mental health problems.

Some common work-related stressors include:

  • A heavy workload
  • Unrealistic expectations from management
  • Big changes to your job role or organization
  • Not feeling recognized for your work
  • Feeling like you have no job security
  • A hostile work environment with coworkers or supervisors

Workplace stress can affect us all in different ways. Some people only experience it for a limited amount of time while working on an important project. Other people experience workplace burnout, which can feel like physical or emotional exhaustion. This can lead to a sense of reduced accomplishment and a loss of personal identity. It’s important to ask for help when workplace stress gets in the way of you doing things on a daily basis or goes on for an long time.

What are some things I can do about workplace stress?

  • Recognize you're experiencing workplace-related stress.
  • Try to figure out what’s making you feel stressed and see if there’s a way to solve it.
  • Get support from your supervisor, Human Resources (HR), an Employee Assistance Program, or a peer support member.
  • • Take care of your mental health and overall health by:
    • Talking to your doctor or looking for professional support
    • Eating healthy
    • Making sure you add movement or exercise into your daily routine
    • Setting boundaries between work time and non-work time
    • Practicing mindfulness

Resources for Problems at Work

Help Lines

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

The 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline 24/7 free and confidential emotional support to people in suicidal crisis or emotional distress 24/7.

Help Lines

Behavioral Health Services Navigation Line

When you call the Intermountain Behavioral Health Services Navigation line, you can expect to talk to someone who can help you access your needs and connect you with the right resources.



Intermountain offers free guided mindfulness classes that can help reduce stress.

Intermountain Services

Employee Assistance Program

Some companies offer an employee assistance program through Intermountain Healthcare. Ask your HR department to learn more.

Intermountain Services

Connect Care: Behavioral Health

Connect Care virtual appointments can be done anywhere in Utah, Idaho, or Nevada using your smartphone, tablet, or computer.


Treatment Locator

The Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator sponsored by the Subtance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration can you help you anonymously seek behavioral health treatment anywhere in the United States.

Mobile Apps

myStrength App

For self-guided mental health, access myStrength for free with registration code INTERMOUNTAIN. Download the app on Apple App Store/Google Play or: