Primary Children’s Hospital, Emergency Medical Services for Children, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Preparedness and the University of Utah have partnered to offer free Pediatric Emergency and Trauma Outreach Series (PETOS) to EMS providers.

The lectures will be presented by physicians from Primary Children’s Hospital.  The format will be informal, inviting questions and discussion.

Attend Virtually:

Join us for the live presentation on Zoom each 2nd Monday from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.

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If you cannot attend live, you can still get continuing education credit for watching the archived presentations below. 

Archived Webinars

The most recent presentations will be added to our archive list within  a few weeks, in the meantime they can be accessed through the most current issue of our free, digital newsletter: EMSC Connects.

To view archived webinars, please see below:


5/10/2021 - The Pediatric Burn Patient, Part Deux, Annette Matherly MS RN

4/2021 - PETOS canceled

3/8/2021 - Pediatric Abdominal Pain, Joyce Soprano MD

2/8/2021 - Out of Hospital Pediatric Cardiac Arrest, Hill Stoecklein MD

1/11/2021 - Handtevy Demo, Brett Cross MPH


12/14/2020 - Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies, Mike Miescier MD

11/9/2020 - Supporting the Pediatric Patient in the Field, Jodie Westra CCLS

10/12/2020 - Pediatric Drowning, Hilary Hewes MD

9/14/2020 - Prehospital Pediatric Trauma, David Weber PM

8/10/2020 - Economic Trauma in Low- and Middle- Income Countries, Jeff Robison MD

6/13/20 - Hurt in the Dirt, ATV Injuries by Hilary Hewes, MD

3/9/20 - Little Airways by Sarah Becker, MD

2/10/20 - Pediatric Environmental Emergencies by Dave Weber, PM

1/13/20 - Screening for Child Abuse, by Tia Dickson, BSN


12/9/19 - Interesting Peds Cases, Winter Edition by Hilary Hewes, MD

11/2019 - None

10/14/19 - Seat Belt Injuries by Elizabeth “Buzz” Andersen NP

9/9/19 - Lightning Strikes and Other Electrical Injury By Hallie Keller MD

8/12/19 - Pediatric Drowning By Katie Russell MD

7/8/19 - Novel Psychoactive Substances in the Prehospital Setting by Michael Moss, MD

6/10/19 - Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies by Zachary Drapkin MD

5/2019 - None

4/8/19 - Seizure and Status Epilepticus in the ER by Maija Holsti MD

3/7/19 - The Pediatric Burn Patient by Annette Newman MS RN CCRN

2/2019 - None

1/3/19 - Pediatric Trauma Guidelines by Lisa Runyon CPNP


11/2/18 – Newborn Emergencies by Hilary Hewes MD

10/4/18 – Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies by Mike Miescier MD

7/5/18 – Anaphylaxis in Pediatrics by Roni Lane MD (minor technical difficulties)

6/7/18 – Pediatric Shock by David Chaulk MD, MPH

5/3/18 – Closed Head Injury by Howard Kadish MD

4/5/18 – Seizures in Children: From Subtle Presentations to Status Epilepticus by Douglas Nelson MD

3/1/18 – Pediatric Cardiac Emergencies by Matt Steimle DO (loss of sound at 18 min)

2/1/18 – A Heart-Warming Approach to Pediatric Hypothermia

Certificate of Completion

To receive a certificate of completion for attendance at a live lecture be sure to include you email when the host requests it in the chat. Certificates are e-mailed out after verification of attendance and processing.

For certificate of completion on archived presentations e-mail with date and title of presentation viewed, you will receive a 3 question quiz to verify participation and once the quiz is returned, certificates are e-mailed out.

We try to have certificates out within a week but will occasionally have delays.