The Family Mentor Program was created to support parents or guardians of current inpatient patients by connecting them with another parent who has been through similar experiences. Parents can voice their concerns, worries, and frustrations with someone who will understand their situation.

“I have never felt more alone, overwhelmed, scared, and lost as I have with my sick, inpatient child. If I could have talked to another person who had gone through similar experiences, it would have helped ease and lower these emotions.” -Marin Bywater, parent

Benefits to parents:

  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Acceptance of situation
  • Increased confidence
  • Better problem-solving
  • Adaptive coping
  • Perception of social support
  • Shorter hospital stays

Family Mentor volunteers will connect with parents either in person or over the phone and provide support while the patient is admitted to the hospital. Volunteers may suggest things like community support groups and services where appropriate but are not permitted to provide any medical advice or counseling. All medical questions should be directed to the patient’s treatment team.

Contact Guest Services at 801-662-6559 or ask your treatment team to request a Family Mentor volunteer.