The Transplant Center

Liver Transplant

The Liver Disease and Transplantation Program at Primary Children's Hospital provides comprehensive care for children with liver disease from diagnosis through transplantation and follow-up-up care. Our program has the largest volume in the Rocky Mountain West, providing liver care to patients from more than 6 Western states, nationally as well as internationally.

What Sets Us Apart

Our program was established in 1996 and is run by experienced clinicians and surgeons who actively participate in national research programs and initiatives. We share in the Primary Children's philosophy of "The Child First and Always," and our care team will be a great resource as you begin to navigate the transplant process.

Our program provides transplantation for 15 - 17 children per year and is a collaboration between Primary Children's Hospital, University of Utah and Intermountain Medical Center. This affords families the benefits of consultation provided by a large group of experts in the field of liver transplantation while maintaining the personal nature of the care provided. In addition to standard whole liver transplantation, our program performs split liver transplantation and living donor liver transplantation. 

Meet the Team

The Liver Transplant Team is made up of many care professionals whose focus and responsibility is to work with families to ensure the health and success of a child's kidney transplant. Meet the doctors, nurses, and other team members you'll get to know during your transplant care.


Hepatologists are doctors who treat liver disease. The hepatologist will help decide if you need a transplant, manage your health problems before and after your liver transplant surgery, prescribe your medicines and consult other doctors for health concerns not related to your liver.

Transplant Surgeons

Our team consists of specialized transplant surgeons who will help decide if a transplant is needed, perform the liver transplant surgery, manage patient recovery right after the surgery and during the patient's hospital stay, including monitoring and taking care of the incision.

What to Know and Expect

Our primary goal is to keep your child safe and healthy, knowing that with the care we provide, your child will be able to reach his or her potential in living the healthiest life possible. To do this, we have a comprehensive approach to patient care. Our program is a nationally recognized surgical team and is supported by specialists in gastroenterology, infectious disease, anesthesiology, liver disease and pharmacology as well as by certified clinical nurse coordinators, social workers, mental health professionals, geneticists, nutritionists and financial counselors.