Comprehensive treatment of coronary artery disease (CAD) draws from many clinical areas including cardiology procedures and cardiac surgeries. At Intermountain, our clinicians work closely together to achieve the best possible outcome for each patient.

  • Angioplasty

    Angioplasty is a treatment in which a catheter with a deflated balloon at the tip is inserted into a narrowed artery. The balloon is then inflated at the site of the narrowing to help widen the artery and improve blood flow.

  • Brachytherapy

    Brachytherapy uses radiation to keep blocked heart arteries open. It is usually combined with angioplasty and stent placement.

  • Stent Placement

    Stent placement is a procedure where a small metal coil or tube is inserted into a narrowed artery to hold it open.

  • Bypass Surgery

    In bypass surgery, a blood vessel from your leg — or from your chest wall or arm — is used to bypass a coronary artery that is narrowed or blocked by fatty plaque buildup.

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation

    After your heart procedure or surgery, you will benefit from completing a cardiac rehab program. This includes supervised exercise training that you will do at the hospital with an experienced physical therapist. Cardiac rehab helps heart patients feel stronger and live longer.

More Information About Treatments for CAD


Cardiac Catheterization

Cardiac catheterization is a procedure that evaluates heart conditions.



Angioplasty opens a blood vessel by inflating a small balloon inside it.


Stent Placement

Stent placement is a wire stainless steel tube that holds an artery open.


Bypass Surgery

Bypass or coronary artery bypass surgery uses a vein or artery to bypass a coronary artery.


Cardiac Rehab

Cardiac rehab includes carefully monitored exercise to help patients strengthen and recover their heart after a procedure or surgery.