We are a specialized team of cardiologists and surgeons who are skilled in treating aortic disease and its complications. Our patients benefit from our combined expertise and full range of technology:

  • Our doctors are skilled in minimally invasive treatments that avoid open-heart surgery. These technologies are called thoracic endovascular aortic repairs.
  • Every case of aortic disease is unique and possibly complex. Our doctors may combine multiple surgical techniques in order to provide the best possible medical outcome.
  • Some diseases that affect the aorta can run in families, including Marfan syndrome and familial aortic disease. We have a genetic counselor on staff who specializes in cardiovascular conditions that have genetic factors.

Our Services

We provide evaluations and surgical treatments for patients with all types of aortic disease.


Our Team

Many specialists are involved in the care of aortic patients. Meet them here.


Our Locations

Our office is located on the Intermountain Medical Center campus in Murray, Utah.