The Cardiovascular Surgery Program provides open-heart and minimally invasive surgical treatments for heart and lung disease. Our goal is to improve your quality of life, while minimizing pain, discomfort, and time in the hospital.

We have the highest volume of heart and lung surgeries in the state by a wide margin. Our surgeons have an invaluable amount of experience that cannot be matched by any other center in the Intermountain region.

There is no cardiovascular surgery that is clinically available in the United States that isn’t offered here at Intermountain Heart Institute—along with excellent results. Our outcomes are continuously reviewed and rank well above reported national averages in all categories of heart surgery.

We are invested in new technology that minimizes discomfort and speeds recovery. We have partnered with the cardiologists within Intermountain Heart Institute to develop minimally invasive techniques for treating heart valve disease and heart defects.


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Our specialists have more combined experience than any other cardiothoracic surgical practice in Utah.


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