Intermountain Heart Institute offers the latest in imaging and diagnostic technology in order to provide a rapid and accurate diagnosis for patients who may have heart disease. We provide an experienced, high-volume diagnostic and imaging service that works closely with various specialists and surgeons to diagnose patients in all stages of heart disease. Diagnostic tests and procedures include:


Calcium Score

A coronary artery calcium score is a special CT scan that uses a very low radiation dose to detect calcium deposits in the coronary arteries.

Cardiac CT

A cardiac CT scan (also called coronary CT angiogram, or CTA) uses CT technology and intravenous contrast material to create very detailed images of the heart and its blood vessels.


Cardiac MRI

Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (Cardiac MRI) is an MRI for your heart. It uses powerful magnets to create pictures of the heart and coronary arteries.



An echocardiogram (echo for short) is a cardiac ultrasound that helps assess heart conditions.

electroencephalography EEG


An electrocardiogram is a procedure that records the electrical activity of the heart.


Nuclear Cardiology Tests

Nuclear cardiology tests measure the amount of blood flow to the heart muscle.


Heart Function Stress Tests

Heart function stress tests provide measurable feedback about the function of the heart.