Our team focuses on patients with heart rhythm conditions, also called arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat). Common arrhythmias and heart rhythm disorders include:

CARE Patients

CARE stands for Cardiac Arrhythmia Risk Evaluation. It is a special program for patients who need to see a doctor urgently because they may be at risk for a serious heart rhythm disorder. CARE patients receive priority scheduling.

Diagnostic Testing

Prior to your appointment, you may be scheduled for one of the following tests to determine your heart structure and function, or to record your heart rhythm over a period of time. All test results will be reviewed with you at your scheduled appointment.


We have extensive experience in researching and treating abnormal heart rhythms. We are devoted to one ultimate goal: getting your back to living. We want you to feel like your old self, without fear of a racing heartbeat and without the risk of stroke. We provide the following treatments: