What happens after I'm registered into the study?

After you register, you will be contacted to arrange your blood draw.

You may be asked to complete personal and family health history questionnaires. These questionnaires are anticipated not to take more than one hour to complete.

A female nurse in blue scrubs talks with a female patient in a clinic exam room

Is there any follow up?

After you donate your blood samples to INSPIRE, you do not have to come back for additional testing.


What are the risks?

This is a minimal risk study.

There is only one blood draw required for participation. The risk for this blood draw is the same as any other blood draw. There are no research-specific medications or other procedures. Your health information will be obtained from your medical records (if available) or may be asked of you directly.


What are the benefits?

There are no expected personal benefits for participating in this research. However, if the researchers/investigators are successful in determining causes, prevention strategies and treatments, such discoveries may benefit others in the future.


Will I need to take any investigational drugs?

No, there are no investigational drugs in this study.


How long will the study last?

INSPIRE will be ongoing indefinitely.


I am healthy. Is this study for me?

Yes. This study is in need of healthy people and people who have been diagnosed with health issues. 


How much does the study cost?

There are no costs to participate. The study will pay for the blood draw. You will not be compensated for participation.

A female physician consults with a female patient in a clinic exam room

What kind of data will be collected about me?

Information from your medical record will be used for this research.


Why is this study important?

Research is rapidly changing the way medical care is provided. Biological samples and medical information from the INSPIRE registry will be used for research now and in the future. This resource has the potential to assist many researchers throughout Intermountain Healthcare and around the world. Our goal is to improve the lives of our patients now and for many years to come. 

The information and biological samples are used in a variety of medical conditions. Some of the INSPIRE Registry research projects include: 

  • Research into genetic and environmental causes of disease

  • Evaluation of various risk factors known to cause and accelerate health problems

  • Research into behaviors and lifestyles that can prevent disease

  • Determining the relationship between biological factors and medical treatment responses