Professional Titles

  • DMBSC, Biomedical Scientist
  • MS, Molecular Biology

Research and Professional Experience

Dr. Galenko’s research is focused on the genetic and cellular factors of cardiovascular disease.

She is examining the role of microRNAs and their potential use as a diagnostic tools or therapeutic targets in patients with cardiovascular disease. MicroRNAs are critical molecules in our cells that regulate gene expression in response to various physiological and pathological stimuli.

Current Research Projects

  • Molecular markers of heart muscle (myocardial) improvement in response to biomechanical unloading:

    The present study is aimed to determine whether circulating levels of microRNA are associated with heart muscle function in response to biomechanical unloading.

    If an association is discovered, microRNA levels could help clinicians determine when a patient's heart muscle is improving while treated with a left ventricular assist device.

  • Circulating MicroRNAs in Patients with Unstable Coronary Plaque:

    This study is aimed to identify a common molecular pattern of MicroRNAs in patients with unstable coronary plaques who are at risk for a coronary event such as a heart attack.

    Once identified, the microRNA pattern would be the first step in developing laboratory testing that could potentially identify these patients before the coronary event occurs.