Professional Titles

  • PhD, Public Health
  • MSPH, Masters of Science and Public Health, Epidemiology

Research and Professional Experience

Dr. May’s recent publications involve the evaluation of vitamin D and its role in cardiovascular disease and incident depression. It has long been known that adequate vitamin D is needed for bone health and muscle functioning. However, we are now discovering that vitamin D is important in other disease processes, such as cardiovascular disease and its associated risk factors.

Dr. May has also published papers on the role depression plays in cardiovascular disease. She reported that among patients with coronary disease, those with depression have a higher risk of developing heart failure than those without depression.

In another study, Dr. May found that depression is associated with lower adherence to lipid lowering medications. These medications are important in patients with coronary disease because they have been shown to help prevent further heart problems when taken regularly.

Current Projects

  • Lipoproteins:

    Dr. May is currently involved in an academic collaboration that is determining the value of sub-classifying high and low density lipoproteins (HDL and LDL) and measuring other, additional lipoproteins in heart patients.

    It is known that lipoproteins are associated with coronary disease, but some risk remains for adverse outcomes, even when patients meet recommended levels of HDL, LDL and total cholesterol.

    To begin to identify these patients and estimate their cardiac risk, we must first determine if these other lipoprotein measurements are valuable disease predictors.