Bod Pod - Lean Mass vs. Fat Mass

Our bodies can be divided into two main components — lean mass (muscles, bones, organs) and fat mass (body fat).  Unfortunately, a typical scale can't tell the difference between a pound of lean mass from a pound of fat. 

At the LiVe Well Center, we use the Bod Pod Body Composition Tracking System — the Practical Gold Standard — to measure body composition.  

Using the Bod Pod we are able measure your:

  • Certified body weight
  • Body fat percentage
  • Total lean body mass
  • Estimated resting metabolic rate

How Can A Bod Pod Test Help?

Understanding the needs of your body and the proper balance between lean mass and fat is essential for optimal health and fitness. That is why it’s better to measure your body composition rather than weight.

We review the results of your Bod Pod analysis and offer recommendations for making improvements or maintaining your current measurements. The analysis is most beneficial if you come back periodically to test your progress and track the effectiveness of your exercise and nutritional practices. We can help you continue to make adjustments in your routine, enabling you to reach your optimal health.