Make work meetings healthy, fun, and productive by incorporating physical activity breaks and serving nutritious meals and snacks.

Incorporate Physical Activity Breaks

  • Avoid scheduling meetings during lunch hour
  • Shorten one-hour meetings to 50 minutes to allow for time between meetings to stand, stretch, or walk
  • Add 5-minute stretch breaks to meetings longer than 90 minutes.
  • Add 15-minute physical activity breaks to full-day meetings

Serve Healthy Meals and Snacks

  • Serve a healthy breakfast at early morning meetings with foods like fresh fruit, yogurt, granola, or whole grain breads.
  • Serve a light lunch at meetings held between noon and 1:00 p.m.
  • Provide healthy snacks like fruit, nuts, reduced-fat cheese, or low-fat/low-sodium trail mix at meetings lasting longer than two hours.
  • Make water available at all meetings.

Nutritious Meal Planning Tips

  • Use guidelines for meal planning:
    • ½ plate fruit and/or veggie
    • ¼ grain
    • ¼ lean protein
  • Order smaller portions and use smaller plates
  • Order smaller portions of lighter desserts, such as fruit or cookies
  • Request low-fat sauces and salad dressings and offer them on the side
  • Request reduced-fat options
  • Choose whole grains when available
  • Select broth-based soups instead of cream-based soups
  • Avoid fried foods
  • Avoid sugar-sweetened sodas