Everyone needs regular physical activity — regardless of their shape, size, health, or age. Here's what's in it for you:

  • Better energy
  • Stronger muscles
  • Less stress
  • Easier weight management
  • Less chance of heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, and other illnesses

Ways to Stay Active


Dance Like the Stars

One form of exercise that almost everyone enjoys is dancing, and these tips provide some ideas on how to work dancing into your day.​​

Dive Into a Workout

When you swim or even just horse around in a swimming pool, it is easy to sneak in some extra exercise benefits, since your muscles have to work harder to move in water.​​

Exercise Together

Find several different activities you enjoy and a bunch of different people to do them with — you'll enjoy the activity more and do it more often if you find a buddy. ​​

Go for the Goal

Setting a goal you care about can help you fight excuses as you work toward accomplishing something, like making the soccer team or dusting friends and family in an upcoming road race.​​

Hit the Stairs

Getting some physical activity in your day doesn't have to mean going to the gym — you can add movement to your day by climbing stairs every chance you get.​

Hula Hooping is Fun

Using your hips to spin the hoop is not only a super effective (and super fun!) abdominal exercise, but it's also a great overall cardio workout.​​

Ideas to Make it Happen

Ideas to help you become more physically active to improve your fitness, energy, and quality of life.

Stretch to Better Sleep

You can do simple yoga that gives you some good stretches. Any and all physical activity is healthy, and a yoga stretch is a great way to ease your way into sleep at night.​

Take a Hike

No matter where you live, it's probably not all that far from a park, nature preserve, or some other area where you can take a rigorous walk, so head out and call it a hike!​