This trail passes through a grassy open space on the bench between Davis and Salt Lake Counties, offering incredible views of the Great Salt Lake and the surrounding landscape. The trail begins in North Salt Lake and travels south toward Salt Lake City, utilizing a segment of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST).

This trail provides the option of staying in the relatively flat open space area for a shorter outing, or you may continue on the BST as far as you’d like for a longer route with more elevation change. This trail is suitable for children and adults of all ages and fitness levels. Mountain bikers can expect a smooth, beginner-friendly ride for the first 0.75 miles before encountering a relatively steep slope with some loose rocky sections.


This trail begins near Tunnel Springs Park in North Salt Lake, Utah. To reach the trailhead from the junction of Center Street and Highway 89 in North Salt Lake:

  1. Drive south on Highway 89 for 0.3 miles to the junction with Eagle Ridge Drive.
  2. Turn left onto Eagle Ridge Drive and continue 400 feet to the traffic circle.
  3. Take the second exit from the traffic circle onto Eagle Ridge Drive.
  4. Continue on Eagle Ridge Drive for 1.6 miles to the junction with Eaglepoint Drive.
  5. Turn right onto Eaglepoint Drive and continue 0.7 miles to Tunnel Springs Park.
  6. At the entrance to the park, turn left onto a gravel road and continue 0.1 miles to a gravel parking area at the south end of the park.

You may also park in the parking area at Tunnel Springs Park and walk to the south end of the park.

The Route

From the gravel parking area, begin walking south on the paved trail. After a short distance, the pavement ends near a fence that marks the start of the Bonneville Shoreline Preserve. Continue following the dirt trail south into the preserve. Depending on the time of year, the grass may be lush and green, or dry and yellow, but the sweeping views don’t change much. To your left are rolling foothills and to your right is a stunning panorama of the Great Salt Lake.

Keep following the trail as it continues south through rolling fields of grass. After approximately 0.6 miles, the trail begins to climb gently up a hill. Continue up the hill as far as you’d like to get a great view of the open space you just walked through. You may return now for a round trip of approximately 1.5 miles, or keep going as far as you’d like. The trail gets significantly steeper as it heads further south, but there are more great views, including one into downtown Salt Lake if you keep going a little further.

Rules & Regulations

  • Stay on designated trails.
  • Clean up after pets.
  • Pack out all trash.

Special Considerations

Mountain biking can be a dangerous activity. Ensure your equipment is properly maintained and appropriate for the terrain. Be sure to wear appropriate safety gear including a helmet.


This trail guide is provided by Backcountry Post.