The paved Bryce Canyon Shared Use path offers a unique way to experience Bryce Canyon National Park from a bike, by foot or in a wheelchair. The 5-mile paved trail begins at the shuttle station outside the park entrance and winds through the forest before ending at Inspiration Point where an awe-inspiring view of Bryce Canyon awaits you. This trail is wheelchair-friendly and is suitable for children and adults of all ages and fitness levels.


The Bryce Canyon Shared Path begins at the Bryce Canyon Shuttle Parking area just outside of the park entrance. To reach the trailhead from the junction of Highway 12 and Highway 63 near Bryce Canyon, UT:

  1. Turn south onto Highway 63.
  2. Continue 1.5 miles to the Bryce Canyon Shuttle Parking on the left.
  3. Turn left into the Bryce Canyon Shuttle Parking area and park.

The Route

From the shuttle parking area, locate the start of the trail near the parking lot entrance, immediately south of the shuttle stop. A large kiosk marks the beginning and provides information on what to expect in the miles ahead. Begin walking or riding south from the kiosk.

Continue going south to the signed entrance to Bryce Canyon National Park. Remain on the trail as it winds through the forest ahead. After approximately 1.5 miles, the trail turns east and crosses the highway. Use caution before proceeding at all road crossings along the way. Keep going another 0.9 miles to the Bryce Canyon National Park Visitor Center. Cyclists should dismount as they pass through this busy area.

From the Visitor Center, use the crosswalk to cross back over to the east side of the highway where the trail will remain for the rest of the journey. Several minor road crossings are encountered as you pass near the parking areas for Sunset and Sunrise Points. Check for vehicles and continue south on the paved trail.

After approximately 5.0 miles, the trail ends at the parking area for Inspiration Point. Follow the paved path to the overlook for a commanding view of Bryce Canyon’s colorful rock formations. When you’re done taking in the breathtaking vistas, simply return the way you came.

Rules & Regulations

Stay on designated trails.

Clean up after pets.

Pack out all trash.


This trail guide is provided by Backcountry Post.