This trail begins near the town of Hurricane, Utah and follows the rim of the Virgin River Gorge, offering spectacular views of the canyon and the surrounding landscape. With an abundance of elevation change and plenty of loose, rocky terrain, this trail is a strenuous mountain bike route with intermediate technical difficulties.

The narrow singletrack trail surface is a mix of loose rock, gravel and rock slabs. Hikers will have a little easier time negotiating the terrain but will still experience a moderate to strenuous hike. Hikers and bikers looking for a less strenuous experience can choose to turn around at any point to shorten the route, or arrange for a shuttle to the Virgin Dam Trailhead or lower Jem Trailhead for a one-way hike or ride.


The Hurricane Rim Trail starts at the Hurricane Hill Trailhead in the Hurricane Cliffs Trail System. To reach the trailhead from Main Street in Hurricane, UT:

  1. Drive East on UT-59 for 0.8 miles to the junction for the Hurricane Hill Trailhead on the left.
  2. Turn left into the Hurricane Hill Trailhead parking area.

The Route

From the parking area, begin riding or hiking north on the Hurricane Rim Trail. The trail is also referred to and signed simply as ‘Rim Trail’ in many places. Continue up the trail as it climbs steadily and presents bikers with some loose rock and rock slab technical challenges. This continues for approximately 1.5 miles, gaining over 400 feet along the way.

Keep riding or hiking as the trail descends and better views of the Virgin River Gorge are obtained. After a quick downhill section, the trail rolls through some fast and fun ups and downs before another tough climb. As you surmount the next big hill, take in the panoramic views of the area including the Pine Valley Mountains to the west and the soaring walls of Zion National Park to the east.

After approximately 6.0 miles, the trail turns south, away from the Virgin River Gorge and begins following the rim of a side canyon. Keep going until the trail ends at the junction with the Jem Trail, approximately 7.3 miles from the start of the route. Return the way you came.

Rules & Regulations

  • Stay on designated trails.
  • Clean up after pets.
  • Pack out all trash.

Special Considerations

Mountain biking can be a dangerous activity. Ensure your equipment is properly maintained and appropriate for the terrain. Be sure to wear appropriate safety gear including a helmet.


This trail guide is provided by Backcountry Post.