The T-Bone Trail features expansive desert views as it connects Pioneer Park to Cottonwood Springs Road in the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve. This trail is open to hiking, biking and horseback riding. Hikers will appreciate the rolling hills and big views while mountain bikers will enjoy the challenging terrain and strenuous skill-building nature of the trail. This trail is suitable for most children and adults in good physical condition.


The T-Bone Trailhead is located on Cottonwood Springs Road near St. George, Utah. To reach the trailhead from I-15 in St. George:

  1. Take Exit 8 for St. George Blvd. and continue west to 1000 East.
  2. Turn right onto 1000 East and continue north to Red Hills Parkway.
  3. Turn right onto Red Hills Parkway and continue 0.8 miles.
  4. Turn left onto Cottonwood Springs Road.
  5. Continue for 1.7 miles to the T-Bone Trailhead on the left.

You may also access the T-Bone Trail from the south end at Pioneer Park on Red Hills Parkway.

The Route

From the parking area, pass through the fence and step-over and begin heading southwest on the T-Bone Trail. The step-over is in place to help keep endangered desert tortoises from wandering into the roadway. If you’re lucky, you may see one along the trail but keep your distance as it is illegal to touch them.

Continue walking or riding on the trail as it stays mostly level for the first quarter mile before arriving at a large hill with a commanding view to the south. This is the first of several large up-and-down sections of the T-Bone Trail that make it significantly more difficult than the distance and net elevation change alone indicate. The south facing slopes, such as the first encountered, are typically loose and rocky while the north facing slopes have sections of deep, soft sand. For mountain bikers, this presents added difficulty but hikers should have no problem.

Continue down the hill and follow the main trail as it turns left and then quickly right again where it begins to ascend the first sandy slope. From here to Pioneer Park, the trail is almost perfectly straight, however several more hills along the way keep things interesting.

After approximately 1.4 miles, a junction with the Pioneer Hills Trail is on the right. Continue straight as the trail descends gently to Pioneer Park. It is possible to connect other adjacent trails, such as the Pioneer Rim Trail and Pioneer Hills Trail, to create a lollipop-loop before returning back to your starting point.

Rules & Regulations

  • Clean up after pets.
  • Pack out all trash.
  • Stay on designated trails.

Special Considerations

Mountain biking can be a dangerous activity. Ensure your equipment is properly maintained and appropriate for the terrain. Be sure to wear appropriate safety gear including a helmet.


This trail guide is provided by Backcountry Post.