We are becoming a model supply chain by ensuring our benefits to the customers and the low cost of services equals a great value both to the patient and to the company.

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About Us

The Supply Chain Organization (SCO) primarily has four area of operations: Category Management, Purchasing, Logistics and Materials Management, Support Services and Business Programs and Services.

Category Management. Where sourcing, sustainable procurement, relationship management, and support operations come together. Category Management includes:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Sourcing
  • Contracting
  • Customer Service
  • Program Management
  • Purchasing Specialty Support Services
  • Category Strategy

Purchasing. Guide employees to order the right product or service for their needs and instruct on ordering standard items wherever possible. Purchasing includes:

  • Procurement online ordering assistance for over 100,000 items.
  • Procure to Pay - A strategic alignment with Accounts Payable to assure intentional best payment practices.

Logistics and Materials Management. Assures the right products are there for our clinicians. Logistics and Materials Management include:

  • Courier Services
  • Customer Service
  • Demand Planning
  • Equipment Logistics
  • Continuous Improvement & Zero Harm
  • Materials Management at each hospital

Support Services. Operations where the Supply Chain assures smooth functionality of system-wide programs. Support Services include:

  • Central Laundry
  • Design and Print Center
  • Fleet Operations
  • Sign Center
  • Travel Services
  • Asset Recovery

Visit Us

If you would like to visit us in Salt Lake City, site visits can be arranged. You will learn best practices and continuous improvement approaches that have earned us the #1 and Master ranking in the Gartner Healthcare Supply Chain Top 25. Please send an email to Maria.Loftis@imail.org.

Fulfillment Center

Our Fulfillment Center

Our state-of-the-art Fulfillment Center is 151,000 square feet of a secure, climate-controlled environment that is operational 24 hours a day 365 days of the year. Supported by leaders, it opened in 2012 to take advantage of being our own distributor to:

  • Gain control of product flow.
  • Set and follow best practices through our people, technology, and innovation.
  • Create/build better supplier relationships.
  • Create a platform for logistically aligned services.
  • Allow facilities to order by the each.
  • Eliminate much of the redundant inventory at facilities.
  • Carry over 5,000 strategically selected items destined for our hospitals and clinics.
  • Deliver more than two million medical supplies annually.
  • Cold supply chain capabilities expanding availability of refrigerated items.

What is it like to work in the Supply Chain Organization?

Be part of a Supply Chain team where we embody Intermountain's vision to be a model health system by providing extraordinary care and superior service at an affordable cost.

Qualified applicants will show:

  • Initiative and aptitude
  • Passion for supply chain
  • Marketable skills
  • A code of ethics and values
  • Organization and focus
  • Educational excellence
  • Desire to make a difference in healthcare and your community

It's great to work with each team within the SCO because we supply the hands that supply the patient care. For example, our couriers have one of the most important jobs at Intermountain Healthcare. Watch the video below to learn more.

Or, watch a compelling video as one of our supply chain caregivers sees the supplies used to deliver his son in their car. The experience gave him new meaning to his supply chain role that perhaps you can too.

If you're interested in working for the SCO, look at our open positions on Intermountain's Career Search.

Quick Facts Directory

Quick Facts

  • The Supply Chain Organization has over 800 caregivers (employees) located at the Supply Chain Center and at each hospital, including Homecare.
  • The Fulfillment Center uses voice-pick technology that aids in achieving 99% picking accuracy and a 99% supply fill rate.
  • Our Courier Services travel over 12,000 miles each day and service over 1,800 service locations.
  • Over 300,000 purchase orders processed annually.
  • Fleet consists of natural gas, hybrid, electric and gas or diesel equipment who minimize idling.
  • A focus on diverse, small, sustainable suppliers to affect Social Determinants of Health.
  • Award-winning methodology recognizing our people and processes.