We strive to provide quality products and services that best serve our business needs and patients where the measurements are cost, quality, and outcomes.

When doing business with suppliers, the Supply Chain Organization (SCO) strives for characteristics that we believe make good business relationships including the following:

  • Commitment to processes that support managing total costs, quality initiatives, and customer service
  • Development of enhanced business relationships, as appropriate, with suppliers who are practicing performance management and process improvement
Supplier Program Directory

Strategic Supplier Program

Intermountain Healthcare actively manages over 8,000 supplier relationships to procure products and services necessary to provide high-quality healthcare at the lowest appropriate cost. We manage our suppliers to create the most efficient and collaborative relationships. 


We have segmented our supplier base into the following categories to support all types of supplier relationships. 



Our Partner suppliers have access to:

  • Clinical and executive leadership
  • Supplier selection preference
  • Joint ventures
  • The Supplier Summit
  • Supplier councils
  • Living wage and impact hiring collaboration



Our Strategic suppliers have access to:

  • The Supplier Summit
  • Goal transparency
  • Operational plans
  • Quarterly business reviews
  • Supplier selection preference
  • SCO directors and functional leaders



Our Critical suppliers have access to:

  • SCO directors
  • A single point of contact
  • Business reviews



Our Transactional suppliers will consist of Group Purchasing Organization contracts, touchless transactions, and maximizing payment terms.


About the Sourcing Calendar

The Sourcing Calendar to the right has the category of products or services that Intermountain is planning to source. Current or prospective suppliers should review the calendar to see where your product or service fits. We will only be sourcing items on the calendar. Check back in the future if you can't find your items as we will not be engaging suppliers until their products or services come due.
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What We Ask and Expect from Suppliers

We are a centralized SCO where contracted products, capital, software, and services are purchased for all hospitals and clinics in a systematic way.  Therefore we often seek suppliers who can service our entire system.

Intermountain policy requires our employees to engage with the SCO before contracting with any new supplier.  We ask all suppliers to respect this policy.

Intermountain suppliers are required to report any and all suspected compliance violations.  Intermountain does not retaliate against any individual who reports suspected compliance violations in good faith.  Call the 24-hour Compliance Hotline at 1-800-442-4845.

Product Standards

Product Standards

By reducing variation in our supplies, we can cut costs and increase consistency without sacrificing patient outcomes.

Intermountain seeks to standardize in areas where there is unnecessary duplication, unecessary expense, and waste.  This is critically important to affordability for our patients and members, and it is one of the measures of our aspiration to be a model health system.


For Prospective Suppliers

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For Current Suppliers

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For Pharmacy Suppliers

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Sustainable Procurement Directory

Sustainable/Local/Diverse Procurement

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How We Source

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Supplier Awards Directory

Supplier Awards

At Intermountain, we annually recognize and honor our most strategic-minded suppliers. Find who we recognized in 2017.