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Gartner 2020 Power of Profession

Intermountain's Supply Chain Organization and Central Laundry was recognized by Gartner and the Supply Chain community for Talent Diversity and overall Talent Breakthrough of the Year for Gartner’s 2020 Power of the Profession Awards.
Central Laundry Award Directory

Intermountain Healthcare Supply Chain Receives Intalere's Healthcare Achievement Award

Intermountain's Supply Chain Central Laundry received an award for their outstanding and innovative contributions to their patients, community and business partners, in reducing healthcare costs and improving healthcare quality. 

2019 Gartner Master Directory

Intermountain Healthcare Receives Master Designation for the Second Year in a Row

The Healthcare Supply Chain Top 25 ranking and designation recognizes companies across the healthcare value chain that advance healthcare by improving patient outcomes and controlling costs.
Gartner Master Directory

Intermountain Healthcare Supply Chain Reaches Master Level Ranking

The Healthcare Supply Chain Top 25 ranking and designation, recognizes manufacturers, providers, distributors and retailers from across healthcare that demonstrate leadership in improving human life at sustainable costs.
2018 Winners Public Directory

Intermountain Healthcare Announces 2018 Supply Chain Award Winners

The Supply Chain awards recognize four outstanding suppliers for their work to cooperatively improve and innovate within four categories.

Homecare Entrance


Intermountain Healthcare Supply Chain earns Gartner's Chainnovator award for innovation at the Homecare and Hospice Fulfillment Center.
Straight on SCC

Supply Chain's Fulfillment Center is Ready For an Emergency

In the case of an emergency event, every Intermountain hospital has its own backup of supplies. There is also a second backup supply, ready to use, in each region of the state ...