In July of 2015, Intermountain Healthcare became the owner of Intalere (formerly Amerinet), a group purchasing organization, with whom we collaborate.

Additional Intalere Information

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Why this matters to you...

Driven by Intermountain's nationally recognized best practice clinical and supply chain solutions, Intalere provides tailored smart solutions that deliver optimal cost, quality and clinical outcomes to more than 100,000 acute and non-acute members nationwide.

Down the road


While Intalere operates as a separate company, we do collaborate.  For instance, the Intalere "OptiMIM Advantage" service is a project developed with teamwork from both sides. 

Business Leaders

Want to visit?

If you're an Intalere customer or potential customer and would like to visit our Supply Chain Center, then please contact your Intalere liaison to set up an appointment.


Why Intalere?


To make a difference

Intermountain is known for best practices in sourcing, distribution, and supplier collaboration.  Intalere is Intermountain's partner to bring best practices to our customers through contract availability, sourcing methodologies, consulting services and vision setting.

Business Model

To become a model

Intermountain Healthcare and Intalere have leading processes in healthcare supply chain.  Intalere customers can take the focus off commodities and elevate the supply chain to a strategic driver of change.

Best Practice with Background

To share best practices

  • Utah has the highest quality of care for the lowest cost.
  • Ranked #1 in the Gartner Healthcare Supply Chain Top 25
  • Top 5 Globally ranked self-distribution center (WERC)