The Healthcare Transformation Lab at Intermountain Healthcare recognizes that in order to transform healthcare, good ideas must become tangible, validated realities. To make this happen, we accelerate innovation by working with industry leaders to leverage their processes and teams.

At the Healthcare Transformation Lab, we've gathered cutting-edge technologies, assembled a team of creative and experienced personnel who understand the complexities of the healthcare industry, and carefully chosen a physical location that places us within walking distance from Intermountain Medical Center and Intermountain’s Center for Medical Informatics.

Transforming Healthcare

Transforming healthcare requires collaboration. The Healthcare Transformation Lab facilitates cooperation between key innovators, allowing small ideas to grow into transformative solutions.

  • Create: We work side by side with physicians, nurses, innovators, and overall forward thinkers to create solutions through thoughtful design, development, and testing.
  • Collaborate: We create strategic partnerships between idea generators and companies by facilitating investment opportunities.
  • Community: We ensure that we remain focused on the healthcare community.

Intermountain has been recognized among the best and most technologically savvy hospital systems. The Healthcare Transformation Lab is revolutionizing innovation in healthcare, and we want organizations to join the transformation through collaborating with the Lab.

Those interested in partnering with Intermountain's Transformation Lab are invited to contact us with questions and to discuss possible opportunities.