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    Take the 100 Day Health Challenge

    Take the 100 Day Health Challenge

    If you played sports in high school, you have a good basis for health. But it’s hard to put a football team together in your 20’s that can play on a regular basis, and a Turkey Bowl Thanksgiving morning hardly counts as regular exercise. So you start to control the things you can control. Being a gymnast in your teen years is great, and can give your health life-long benefits. But what can you do when you’re eight-months-pregnant? Hopefully you’re giving the balance beam a rest during that stage of life.

    Learning New Activities

    Focusing on sports where you are in charge of your training can be a new step for many. Learning how to run, swim, or bike as an individual athlete can be a process, and learning to weight lift for the first time in your 30s can be a challenge. But what if you gave yourself some leeway to learn how to be a tougher runner, faster swimmer, longer-distance cyclist, or stronger weight lifter? 100 days is short enough to be doable, and long enough to make a difference to your health.

    Why 100 Day Challenges Work

    One of the reasons 100 days makes sense is that it gives you time to prepare for your health challenge, time to learn your new skill, and time to share it with others. At the end of 100 days, you can be quite confident in where your favorite hiking spots are located, how to cook your favorite healthy meals, and when you prefer to exercise your mind, body, and soul.

    So Why Does Intermountain Healthcare Encourage 100 Day Challenges?

    Mostly because whether you visit Intermountain Healthcare or another health-care provider, we want everyone to live the healthiest life possible. Healthcare begins first in your home. Intermountain clinics and hospitals are there for your when injuries and accidents happen, but taking care of your health has always been your privilege. Our privilege is to help you live the healthiest life possible by removing obstacles to care, and delivering the best healthcare possible to our patients. It’s part of the reason our employees are called caregivers.

    Start Your Health Challenge Today

    After all, we’re all in this together. Look for inspiration from moms who’ve undertaken the My Heart Challenge, families who’ve bettered their heart health, and school teachers united in becoming healthier. The healthiest lives begin exactly where you are. So take the challenge. Start planning, start learning, and start doing, because now has always been the time to live your best life. Trust us, 100 days from now, you’ll be glad you did.