Jonel Condra

Jonel Condra has been a speech language pathologist for 18 years. I have worked with pediatric patients the majority of these years, and for 15 of those years, have been at Primary Children's Medical Center. Over the past five years, I have had specific interest in working with children on the autism spectrum and have headed our Outpatient Autism Development Team. I am also a pediatric feeding specialist and have significant interest in the area of augmentative and alternative communication. I enjoy organizing and running social skills' groups at our centers. At home I have two boys who give me a run for my money but are my pride and joy. I really appreciate all that I have learned from my patients and their families, and look forward to working with many more children and families.

Ideas to Guide Communication and Development of Social Skills in the Home and Community

By Jonel Condra

Many children with autism spectrum disorders have significant difficulty communicating and interacting socially across different environments.  I have organized some ideas for helping children with autism spectrum disorders or other communication delays become more effective communicators and social interaction partners.  ​

Alternative Communication Ideas for Individuals With Autism

By Jonel Condra

Many individuals on the autism spectrum do not even have the use of basic gestures to help them get their needs across. They may rely on more primitive gestures such as grabbing, pulling and reaching toward wanted items. This puts a lot of pressure on the communication partner to come up with what the individual is trying to communicate, so learn some alternative ways in which you can do so.