How to Prove You're Vaccinated Against COVID-19

how to prove youre vaccinated against covid 19

More and more businesses are requiring proof of vaccination against COVID-19 from their customers. However, there is no single method that is being used across the board. Depending on where you live and what you are doing, you may have to download multiple apps to your phone to do everything you want.


Requirements will vary based on the airline and destination. Stateside destinations will only require you to download the app the airline has chosen. International flights will probably require a second app to enter the country you’re visiting. For example, to travel to Canada you must download the ArriveCAN app.


Most sports venues have not announced vaccination restrictions, but this is subject to state venue and policies. For example, the Las Vegas Raiders announced in August that game attendees must present proof of vaccination through the CLEAR Health Pass app. Other sports teams like the New Orleans Saints have announced similar policies due to local government mandates.


Different states have different restrictions in place around dine-in restaurants.

For example, The Bayou in Salt Lake City requires diners to be vaccinated, but allows for multiple methods to be used:

  • Physical copy of COVID-19 vaccination card
  • Digital image of COVID-19 vaccination card
  • Health department apps
  • Docket app

Most Common Options

These are the most widely accepted methods for proving you have been vaccinated against Covid-19:

Do your homework as you make your plans. Call ahead or check the business’s website or social media accounts for any updates about vaccination requirements.

Additional information regarding testing and vaccination can be found at our COVID-19 Information & Resource Center.