Get in Shape for the Epic Utah Winters!

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To get the most out of the world-famous Utah fluff, you need to focus on three things: (1) cardiovascular endurance, (2) muscle strength and endurance, and (3) core stability and balance. This article focuses mostly on the latter two items. By being well prepared before the snow starts piling up, you can be lapping your buddies on the early-season powder and 

maximizing the chances you’ll stay injury-free throughout the winter. 
Cardiovascular Endurance: If you’re not already active, you will find it beneficial to get into a routine of at least 150 minutes of cardiovascular exercise per week: running, biking, swimming, or anything else that raises your heart rate and causes you to sweat. This exercise will form your aerobic base and provide a good foundation upon which to build. 
Muscle Strength/Core Stability: Muscle strength and endurance, as well as good core stability and balance, are also crucial for snow riding. The following exercises can help with these. Do each two to three times per week, gradually working your way up from one set to three sets of each exercise per session. 
Many exercises out there are beneficial for skiing and snowboarding, but these three should build the strength and balance you need for a great season. Plus, you can always add more! Just be sure to start slowly and gradually progress; we don’t want you to suffer any injuries while you’re trying to prepare for the season! Enjoy the winter, and we’ll see you out on the slopes.