Family thanks Primary Children’s for creating “completely safe environment” despite COVID-19

Isabel with her dad, Armando, at Primary Children's

Isabel is a typical five-year-old. She likes to ride bikes and be rambunctious. Recently, while Isabel was playing in her home, she fell and hit her head. When she began vomiting, her parents made the decision to take her to Primary Children’s Hospital.

But like most people, they worried about going to the hospital with the concerns around COVID-19. Ultimately, they made the decision to go.   

“Our initial hesitation with taking her to the hospital during this pandemic was alleviated as soon as we walked inside the facility,” says Armando, Isabel’s dad. “The professionalism of the registration staff, overall cleanliness, additional hand sanitizer stations, required COVID-19 screening, and expedited check-in process created what felt like a completely safe environment.” 

Once Isabel was checked in, they waited only two minutes before seeing the triage nurse and were immediately taken to the exam room. Twenty minutes later, Isabel was evaluated by the attending physician who diagnosed her with a mild concussion. The caregivers provided Armando with a clear explanation of the symptoms his daughter was experiencing, along with how they were going to treat her concussion.  


Thanks to the Primary Children's team, Isabel is back to her rambunctious self.

Isabel returned home, and according to her dad, she’s nearly back to her rambunctious self. 

“I was extremely pleased with the entire experience and am very thankful to the staff at Primary Children’s Hospital,” Armando wrote in an email he sent to Intermountain CEO Marc Harrison, MD. “I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team and let you know they’re doing it right.” 

Patients and community members can feel safe and confident knowing Intermountain physicians, APPs, and other caregivers are here and ready to provide emergent care and services in its hospitals and clinics, and to provide a range of services through video visits and other options. 

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