Patient lauds compassionate care provided by women's center nurse

“From our first introduction to Jenny Shipp, RN, I knew my wife was in good hands…”

Preston and Carli Cook welcomed twin boys into their family at Alta View hospital earlier this year, and Preston says the care team was phenomenal — especially their nurse, Jenny Shipp, RN.
Preston BN
Preston and Carli's older son holding the twins

Preston, who’s a practice director at the Salt Lake Clinic, says, “From our first introduction to Jenny, I knew my wife was in good hands. Jenny introduced herself confidently, followed by a natural personal connection that made us smile and feel safe. Jenny then provided a game plan for the day, including the pre-delivery details along with an estimated timeline of what was to be expected. Jenny managed up her entire team by telling us how great and competent each caregiver would be during Carli’s inpatient stay.”

Preston says he and his wife were especially on edge because they’d come to the hospital after an eight-year journey with infertility. After having a baby in 2011, Carli was unsure if she’d ever be able to have another. They both were very worried something might go wrong with this delivery.

“Jenny didn’t know this background and didn’t know how vulnerable and scared we felt during the hospitalization,” he says. “She didn’t know how badly I needed to trust her to care for Carli during this crucial time of life. Despite not knowing our specific background, she was able to provide us with the care we needed and wanted. We laughed with her, cried with her, and she made us feel safe, welcome, and at ease.”

The babies hadn’t come yet when Jenny’s shift was ending. Carli and Preston were worried about getting to know a new nurse right before the delivery.

“I was nervous,” Preston says. “In the eleventh hour of my wife’s journey, the one I trusted wasn’t going to be there. Jenny, sensing our concern, stayed for another 60 minutes to help in the OR as both boys were delivered without any apparent complications. I observed Jenny holding Carli’s hand during the delivery and helping her through such a sacred and precious moment of our lives.”

He adds, “Our infertility journey isn’t unique nor is any other fear, heartache, financial, physical, or emotional baggage in the backdrop of a patient’s life. Jenny and her team’s sincere efforts to care applies to people from any backstory and will continue to help patients feel physically and emotionally safe. Thank you, Jenny Shipp. Thank you also to the team of nurses and lab techs that made our time at Alta View Women’s Center an extraordinary experience. The PPE could not mask their genuine concern for my wife’s well-being, nor did it hide their authentic love and warmth.”

Abby Fessler, clinical operations manager for patient advocacy, says, “This is a perfect example of what it means to provide compassionate care. Jenny was present, kind, and truly connected with Carli and Preston in a meaningful and personal way. Compassionate Connections can be something as simple as a warm smile, a clear explanation of the day, or just being there to hold someone’s hand.”  

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