Intermountain Neurological Care

Our highly-skilled interdisciplinary teams at Intermountain Healthcare offer a full range of specialized neurological services in treatment, recovery, and rehabilitation. We provide comprehensive medical care and rehabilitation planning using advanced techniques and technologies, to help patients live the fullest life possible.


Neurological Care

Intermountain's experts include medical specialists in neurology, neurosurgery, physical medicine and rehabilitation, physical and occupational therapies, neuropsychology, and radiology.

Healing For Life

Intermountain prides itself on innovation in healthcare to offer higher quality at more affordable costs. With higher quality care, patients have better medical outcomes and tend to experience fewer complications and readmissions. With advancements, especially in the fields of heart and cancer care, Intermountain Healthcare is dedicated to improving healthcare both in and out of the hospital.


Cancer Care

Intermountain Healthcare uses state-of-the art cancer treatment techniques and technologies that result in medical outcomes that are significantly better than the national average.

Heart Care

Intermountain Healthcare is a leader in researching new techniques and technologies that fight heart disease.

Medical Advancements

Intermountain Healthcare is fully committed to clinical research. We believe that as we focus on improving our methods, we achieve positive outcomes that are among the best in the nation.

Intermountain Clinics

Intermountain Clinics are conveniently located neighborhood clinics where skilled primary care physicians and a specialists provide a variety of medical services to meet your needs.