Better at Protecting Patients From Heart Failure Readmission

Treating heart failure is complex. Intermountain Healthcare has established a comprehensive program to reduce the risk of patients returning unexpectedly to the hospital. Our efforts have resulted in readmission rates that are among the best in the nation.


Better Results with Proven Heart Rhythm Treatments

Heart arrhythmia issues are common. Luckily, they can almost always be cured. But treatment results are not the same everywhere.

Utilizing proven technology and techniques, one Utah healthcare organization solves arrhythmia problems more often with better results, helping people feel better and live longer. That organization is Intermountain Healthcare.


Faster STEMI Treatment Means Less Heart Damage

When a person suffers a heart attack, faster treatment means less damage to the heart. With the most severe heart attack, called a STEMI, there’s a critical 90-minute window to get treatment to help minimize the damage to the heart. In the past three years, 100% of our STEMI patients received treatment before the 90-minute national American College of Cardiology’s standard. Because of our cohesive teamwork, we have half the mortality rate of the national average, allowing us to help more people go home.


Fasting Can Actually Help Your Heart

Regular fasting may be good for your heart. That’s the finding of a new study from Intermountain Healthcare doctors who looked at the relationship between periodic fasting and cardiovascular disease. The researchers interviewed 200 patients who were undergoing a diagnostic test called angiography, an X-ray exam of the blood vessels and heart chambers that can determine if a person has coronary heart disease. They found that those who fasted regularly were less likely to be diagnosed with heart problems.


Implanting the Only Wireless Pacemaker in Utah

Intermountain Healthcare is leading the nation by implementing a new life-saving technology: the wireless pacemaker. This small, wireless capsule serves as a less invasive alternative to the traditional pacemaker.


Improved Heart Health Linked to Reduced Alzheimer’s Risk

Using data from thousands of past patients, Intermountain researchers have discovered a link between heart health and Alzheimer’s.


Intermountain Researchers Part of International Team to Discover 13 New Heart Disease Genes

Initially, there were 10 genes known to be related to heart disease. Intermountain Healthcare researchers have been part of an international team that has discovered an additional 13.


New Heart Catheter Technology Delivers Better Results

A new magnetic catheter opens up possibilities for heart patients, allowing our heart experts to perform a procedure never before done in the United States: inserting a heart pump during an arrhythmia procedure.


New Methods to Fix Bad Heart Valves

There’s nothing new in using catheters to fix heart problems. What’s new is replacing an entire aortic valve using a catheter. That means a small, inch-wide incision for major heart surgery. Which in turn means a person may be back to their normal activities sooner.

There’s only one Utah healthcare organization qualified to perform this procedure: Intermountain Healthcare. Just one of many reasons we’re Utah’s heart care leader.


Pediatric Melody Valve Program

We are the region's only pediatric Melody Heart Valve program. The melody heart valve procedure allows us to replace the pulmonary valve without opening the chest for surgery.


Saving Lives Through Patient Education

There is widespread evidence to show that heart failure medications and devices can improve survival, but results from a new study show that providing patient education is just as important.


STEMI Treatment

When a person suffers a heart attack, faster treatment means less damage to the heart. In the past three years, 100% of our STEMI patients received treatment before the 90-minute national American College of Cardiology’s standard.


The Region's Only Pediatric Melody Heart Valve Program

We provide children with pulmonary valve disease a less invasive alternative to open heart surgery. As the only pediatric Melody Heart Valve program in the region, we help children like Cadence feel better, faster. We’re also one of the highest volume centers in the nation. Our experience means more children can enjoy their childhood.


World’s Largest Cardiovascular Research Database

Intermountain created the world’s largest cardiovascular database to better research and cure heart disease. Our research breakthroughs, like the discovery of 13 new genetic markers for heart disease, open doors for more responsive care.