Intermountain Healthcare is fully committed to clinical research. We believe that as we focus on improving our methods, we achieve positive outcomes that are among the best in the nation.

Advanced Training Program

Intermountain Healthcare has an Advanced Training Program, led by Dr. Brent James, that teaches caregivers throughout the world how to improve the quality of care in their local communities.

Advancements in Immunotherapy

Intermountain Healthcare is using new treatments to help more patients with cancer become cancer-free. Our advanced cancer centers are specializing in methods that help the immune system do what it does best: fight.

Cancer Research

Intermountain Healthcare uses state-of-the art cancer treatment techniques and technologies that result in medical outcomes that are significantly better than the national average.

Critical Care Breakthroughs

Our critical care research helps clinicians make decisions that save lives.

Life Flight

Intermountain Healthcare’s Life Flight is the first and only civilian air ambulance in the nation licensed to perform hoist rescues.


Intermountain Healthcare's Primary Children's Hospital is one of the first in the nation to use magnetic rods for spine treatment.

Neurological Advancements

Intermountain Healthcare is at the forefront in researching new techniques and technologies in Neurology.

Protection for Heart Failure Readmission

Intermountain Healthcare has established a comprehensive program to protect patients from heart failure readmission.

Simulation Center

The Simulation Center enables us to create many different virtual patient care scenarios, allowing our clinical care teams, to train and better prepare to deliver expert care.

Transplant Success

Intermountain's transplant programs are among the most successful in the nation thanks to our unique team approach and years of experience.

Women and Newborns

Intermountain Healthcare is at the forefront in researching new techniques and technologies in providing the best care possible for women and newborns.