Intermountain Healthcare offers a full range of specialized neurological services that includes clinical experts in neurology, neurosurgery, physical medicine, rehabilitation, physical and occupational therapies, neuropsychology, and radiology.

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When diagnosed early, and treated by experts at the right times, with the right medications, therapies, or surgery, patients get the best results toward restoring health and function. We provide comprehensive medical care using advanced techniques and technologies, to help patients live the fullest life possible.


Neuro Care and Rehab Locations

Find a listing and contact information for Intermountain neurological services and rehabilitation locations.

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Stroke Rehab

Learn more about the stroke rehab services we offer, and find a listing of Intermountain stroke rehab service locations.

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Parkinson's Disease Rehab

Learn more about the Parkinson's Disease rehab services we offer, and find a listing of Intermountain locations that provide Parkinson's Disease treatment.


Neurological Advancements

Intermountain is at the forefront in researching new techniques and technologies in Neurology.


Neuro Care Services

Visit our Brain and Spine service line website to learn more about Intermountain's neuro care services.


PT and Other Rehab Services

Visit our Physical Therapy and Other Rehab service line website to learn more about Intermountain's physical, occupational, and speech therapy services.